GB WhatsApp Android v20.70.01 – Download Latest Version 2023

GB WhatsApp Android v20.70.01
GB WhatsApp Android v20.70.01

GB WhatsApp Android v20.70.01 info :

App NameGB WhatsApp
Package Namecom.gbwhatsapp
OP SystemAndroid
Android RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
File Size64 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
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What is the new GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers the latest features, which normal WhatsApp does not offer. Are you looking for the latest version of GB WhatsApp? If yes, you have come to the right place, the repository of GB WhatsApp APK latest version and other Gbmods Whatsapp. Download GB WhatsApp is the best version of WhatsApp, developed by third parties GB Whatsapp, which can be found on the Internet.

How to download GBWhatsApp Pro?

The best way to download GBWhatsApp Pro for free is from Just go to their page, click the green download button and follow their instructions. Of course, you should consider the previous two steps: allow downloading and installing applications from unknown sources in your device Settings, and make a backup of your WhatsApp conversations, but this last step is optional. How to update GBWhatsApp Pro to the latest version

How to update GBWhatsApp Pro to the latest version

Here are two ways to update your Android to the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro:

  • Open the application options menu and follow the path Mods > Updates > Check for updates. If there is a new update, follow the steps indicated by the application.
  • Download and update from Malavida (option that we can say) where you will get a direct download to your device without any kind of obstacles or problems. The update process is similar to the installation process.

Of course, remember that updating GBWhatsApp Pro APK requires removing the old version first, so we recommend that you create a copy of all your chats if you don’t want to lose them. WhatsApp UK plan review

GB WhatsApp Android v20.70.01
GB WhatsApp Android v20.70.01

Features Overview of WhatsApp GB

  • Use the official WhatsApp GB, be careful and watch out for malware listed as WhatsApp GB on some websites
  • Get many themes created by some of the users of this app, all these themes are free
  • If you want to use dual whatsapp on the same device, you can use GB whatsapp to do that, you can use both whatsapp and normal apps at the same time on the same device.
  • You may want to add your daily WhatsApp status stories, images, quotes, videos and more, but all these cannot be copied in the regular WA version. You can do it with this app.
  • The most common problem with WA is the problem of sending large files such as APK files, video files, music and other data.
  • This GB WhatsApp version allows you to send video files up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB, and you can reduce / increase the size in settings.
  • The most famous feature of GB Whatsapp is the hidden message flag. You can double hide your ticks, blue ticks in your contacts
  • When you open the WhatsApp application, you will reveal your WA status to your contacts, you can be online without letting them know by enabling \”Hide online location.”
  • Suppose you visit your dream place and take a lot of photos, you want to share with your friends on WhatsApp, but you can’t send more than 10 photos at a time. There, you need an app with which you can send more than 10 photos at a time.
  • Awesome custom emoji for GB mod users. get new custom emojis, only available for GB WA users
  • WA keeps getting better by adding new features, one of which is stickers. This feature is not only available in the standard version but also in the MOD version. Add as many stickers to GB WhatsApp as you want.
  • Change the app icon in the menu and in the notification bar. Autoresponder is a great WhatsApp feature that ends with the WA business app. Get the same functionality in this MOD version. For this option,
  • Whether you are online or offline, you can send an automatic reply to the sender. Just set the message and option set to auto reply.
  • Be a developer, create and use your own themes for this app. Many users have developed many topics to help others and make the platform better and easier to use for all users.
  • One of my favorite features of this app is the long video. You cannot upload WA videos longer than 30 seconds, which are limited to 7 minutes.
  • Secure your app, keep a password on it.
  • When someone sends a video, you can play it in WhatsApp’s built-in video player, the normal player doesn’t have as many features as other video players.
  • You can choose a third-party video player to play videos in GBWA APK.
  1. Fixed bugs and added other features. against the ban
  2. Newly updated site
  3. Added/customized new emoji
  4. Added the fact that you can invite participants to the same mod
  5. A private feedback service is added when you choose a group massage
  6. Controversy added stickers to Google Play
  7. Fixed a crash when searching around.
  8. Error correction

Advantages and disadvantages


Configuration options: without a doubt, this is one of the strengths of MODs like this one. Being able to completely customize the user interface or adjust aspects like font or text size is one of its most annoying user features.

Two WhatsApp accounts on one phone: this possibility is not provided by the official WhatsApp or is a fun feature. Helps you split emails if you have two phone numbers. You can, for example, separate your personal life from your professional life.

Privacy: Users have the best control over what WhatsApp services share with their contacts.


WhatsApp update: MOD does not update at the same speed as the official app. No matter how quickly GBWhatsApp Pro can be updated, there will be times when the latest security or privacy updates are not available, leaving you vulnerable to data corruption by hackers.

Privacy: Although you can control what other contacts see, the truth is that you control the security of your communications. Since it is not an official application, the privacy of conversations is lost and others can block them.

Dismissal from WhatsApp: Meta is clear about this, the company punishes users who use modded and unauthorized versions. It is true that most of the time he turns the eyes of these users, but once in a while he checks for the use of MOD and usually makes a temporary dismissal, although if it is repeated, they can be permanent. . And yes, it has an anti-blocking feature, but taking too long to install official updates can expose you to the ban.

Requirements and other information:

  • Minimum OS required: Android 4.0.3.
  • Installing apps using APK files requires enabling the \”Unknown Sources\” option in Settings > Apps.
  • This program is a modified version of the original application, developed by a third party not affiliated with the owner or, which has not been reviewed, maintained or approved by the latter. Downloading, installing and using this program is the sole responsibility of the user, without being responsible for any results or consequences that may occur on your device. Neither, nor the original developer of the modded app, nor any of their versions have any affiliation with this mod.

Final Words

GB WhatsApp APK is one of the best MOD versions of WA. It has many features that you will love in this app. People are searching the internet for “WhatsApp Download 2023 GB” or other latest mods and more. Download the latest version from this site.

We provide the latest versions, and we upload new versions to this page as soon as they are released. Before downloading GB WhatsApp, I do not recommend you not to use your main account or number in this application, otherwise your account may be permanently banned, use a temporary account instead. Visit Gb whatsApp for Gb Plus APK Official Site for Latest Official Version of GB WhatsApp.

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