JT WhatsApp Android v9.72 – Download Latest Version 2023

JT WhatsApp Android v9.72
JT WhatsApp Android v9.72
App NameWhatsApp+ JiMODs (JTWhatsApp) APK
APK Size51 MB
Required Android Version4.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
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JT WhatsApp Android v9.72 is a version of WhatsApp MOD with more features. Users can use other privacy and security features such as WhatsApp lock, who can call you, last seen fridge, hide second sign and blue sign, and others. In addition to that, it provides complete configuration management to its users.

You can customize the home screen, chat screen and more to suit your needs. Experiment with background colors, text colors, fonts, logos and branding, and more. To enjoy all the features of this WhatsApp Mod client, download and install the latest version of JT WhatsApp Apk along with the tutorial provided.

what’s new

  • Enable or disable group management flags.
  • Share multiple media directly outside the app. .Find unread messages using the search function.
  • New drawing pencils have been added. .You can choose which contacts can see you online.
  • Leave members without information left a group. Only admins will know that you have left the group.
  • Admins can delete individual messages for all attendees. .See past team members.
  • Quick updates on statuses. .New text UI.
  • New UI privacy design.
  • And many fixes and improvements


Privacy Features

Freeze last seen: It allows you to hide your online status. Any one will not see you online, even if you are. Anti-View Once: If someone sends you an ad with View once, you can view the ad more than once in the app.

Disable Zoom: You can also disable the zoom tag in this app. You can send a message, and no one will know.

Who can calling me: You can set who can call me settings. Select the contacts whose calls you want to receive.

Hide Viewing Status: You can see the status of your contacts without letting them know. This feature allows you to view notifications privately.

Deletion Prevention Status: With this feature, you can also check the deletion status.

Messages are not deleted: If someone has deleted your message, you don’t need to wait. This feature will also allow you to view deleted messages.

Show a blue tick after the answer: You can set up and enable this feature. This feature will only show your contacts a blue icon after you reply to them.

Hide blue icons: You can hide blue icons. Your sender will not see a blue check mark on their message. Even after you read the message, it will look like you didn’t.

Hide Second Score: You can also hide the second score. The sender will only see one sign when they send you a message.

Hide the blue microphone: You can also hide the blue microphone.

Hide Typing: you can hide your typing this app is allow to your typing. No one will know when you type.

Hide records: You can also hide record status. No one will see when you are recording audio messages.

Screen Shots :

Security Features

WhatsApp Lock: This app allows you to lock your WhatsApp using the lock feature. This app allow you can PIN, fingerprint lock and password to secure you app.

Make Pattern Invisible : This app allow to make your pattern invisible. No one will see your design when you draw it on your screen.

Turn off pattern shake: You can also turn off shake when drawing patterns on the screen using the option to turn off pattern shake.


Download JTThemes: More than 4000 themes are available in the theme download section. You can download any theme and apply it to make your WhatsApp look good and different from others.

Topic Loading: It allows you to load a topic side by side. If you have a theme saved in your phone memory, you can load it and add it to your WhatsApp.

Save JTTheme: You can save your favorite JTWhatsApp themes in your local folder. It will help you carry your favorite articles anytime, anywhere.

Restore JTTheme: You can restore your saved theme in JT WhatsApp application. If you can’t find a theme you like, you can restore one you’ve saved.

Universal Features

Color: You can change the color settings. The application allows you to change the global widget color, event text color, background, background list, status bar and the color from the navigation bar.

Style: This app allows users to change the style of Emoji. You can choose any type of Emoji from WhatsApp, Old WhatsApp (iOS), One, Facebook, and Android O. You can also change the font type, start icon, and icon.

Hide Media from Gallery: With this feature, you can select media i.e. videos,photos or GIFs from your gallery that you want to hide.

Backup and Restore: This feature allows users to create a backup and restore it whenever they want.

Settings: You can also change the app language, make a chat card, turn off the warning display, turn off the badge, and turn off the player display. With this you can also increase the transfer limit, disable the swipe to leave chat, make it always online, send full resolution images and disable the image sharing limit.

JTWhatsApp widget

Background : JT Whatsapp widgets Permession you to change your whatsapp background color.you can choose any color and customize any color.

Contact name color: Using JTWhatsApp widget, you can also change contact name color.

Contact Status Text Color: Apart from background color and contact name color, JTWhatsApp widget also allows you to choose your contact status text color.

How to install JTWhatsApp Apk

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources option

  • First, you need to allow your device to install APK files from unknown sources.
    Go to your device’s Settings app.
  • After that, go into the security settings.
    Now, look for Unknown sources option and enable installation of unknown sources from there. Support unknown sources

Step 2: Download and Install JTWhatsApp Apk

  • Download JT WhatsApp Apk latest version. And wait for the download process to complete.
  • Next, get a file manager app on your Android device. And find the recently downloaded Apk file. You can find it in the Downloads folder. Find the downloaded JTWhatsApp application.
  • Click on the file and select the Install option to start the installation. Click Install
  • Wait for the process to complete and open the installed App.JTWhatsApp Apk

Step 3: Install the application

  • Open the app. Then click on accept option and proceed from there. The first screen of JTWhatsApp.
  • Once done, you will be asked to provide your contact number. Enter your number and click Next. Enter your number
  • Verify your number by letting the app call the settings. Find out your number
  • After verification, you can set your profile picture and add your name. Enter your name
  • Now you can get all the features of JTWhatsApp app. Have fun!

How do I check for the latest updates?

  • Open JTWhatsApp app and go to menu.
  • Enter the JimODs option from the list. .Go to the update section.
  • Now click Check for Updates option. It will show you the latest updates available, if any.
  • And you can download and install JTWhatsApp new version from there.

Final Words

Your experience with WhatsApp Messenger may differ if you download JT WhatsApp Apk. You may customise the general appearance, have more fun with various Emoji packs, and receive additional privacy and security protections thanks to its advanced features. In every way, JTWhatsApp Apk is superior to regular WhatsApp Apk.

The app’s only drawback is that it is less secure than the official WhatsApp. Being a conventional application, it is susceptible to hacking. Therefore, using such an application is not always advised. If you still want to download it, you can do so at your own risk.

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