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WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger Android v2.23.14.74 Info :

 UpdatedJuly 14, 2023
 Compatible withAndroid 4.0.3+
 Last version2.23.13.76
 developerWhatsApp inc
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WhatsApp Messenger is maybe the most broadly involved and famous informing application in basically the whole world. It is the ideal meaning of one of those applications that can’t be absent from your cell phone.

Lots of information, investigation, analysis and critique have been expounded on it, to the point that when the framework bombs it can feature news programs.

Through it, we discuss consistently with our friends and family. We can converse with our companions regardless of whether they are on the opposite side of the world.

Likewise, we additionally use it for expert or work purposes.

WhatsApp Messenger is a free application, so it just requires a Web association with work. Anyway, it is likewise conceivable to leave messages composed disconnected to be sent when you are associated with the organization of organizations once more.

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What is WhatsApp Messenger

At the point when we recollect our progress, we used to speak with others utilizing birds before any kind of innovation was utilized. Then, at that point, the principal phone was imagined and everything went uphill from that point. Presently, texting applications are a need like never before because of the quick development of innovation.

The excellence of texting applications, for example, WhatsApp Messenger is that it permits you to handily speak with your friends and family. WhatsApp Messenger was gained by Facebook in 2014 and from that point forward, it just filled in fame. Albeit this application is like others, WhatsApp Messenger stays the most well known among them all. In this application, you can talk, call and send records to anybody with a WhatsApp account! You don’t have to pay anything as well as the application is allowed to utilize.

Furthermore, as other texting applications, WhatsApp Messenger likewise permits you to send documents and make bunch visits. WhatsApp Messenger plans to be your only texting application so you are welcomed with lots of elements that you don’t actually realize you wanted! Furthermore, as far as handiness, WhatsApp Messenger rules at the top which makes sense of why it is the most well known texting application at the present time.

Maybe the main motivation why WhatsApp Messenger is the most famous today is on the grounds that it’s one of the trailblazer applications to be made. However, most importantly, it’s such a valuable application that you will love utilizing it!

Features of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is the most famous texting application today and for good reasons. Here are its elements assuming that you’re interested:

No charges – The issue with landlines and your telephone’s transporter is that they cost a great deal particularly for global calls! In the event that you’re an abroad laborer, this would be an extravagance as you can’t extra a cost just to call your friends and family.

Fortunately, WhatsApp Messenger is totally liberated from cost! You simply have to download it and allowed your friends and family likewise to download it to work. This implies you can call and text your family who likewise have a WhatsApp account. Nonetheless, everything is free!

Bunch visit – Likewise with other texting applications, WhatsApp Messenger permits you to make bunch talks also. This is a helpful component to make a gathering that you might want to have conversations with. Presently you don’t have to talk with your reaches individually physically.

This is additionally valuable as you can make limitless gathering talks also. In the event that you have a great deal of gatherings, this functions admirably. You might isolate work talks as well as private ones to have a framework.

No usernames and pins – Not at all like other texting applications, WhatsApp Messenger makes it incredibly simple for you to login. You don’t have to have usernames or pins to retain. You simply have to login to your record with your telephone number and that is all there is to it.

You’ll likewise be constantly signed in so that you’ll be continually refreshed so that you’ll get new messages. Furthermore, this additionally implies you don’t have to enter your login accreditations each time you open the application.

Disconnected messages – Regardless of whether you switch off warnings, WhatsApp Messenger will save your new messages until the following time you utilize the application. This is an amazingly inventive component as you don’t require consistent web association just to see your messages.

Send records – Beside having the option to call and message, you can likewise send documents in WhatsApp Messenger! This application permits you to send pictures, recordings, archives and voice messages to anybody of your contacts!.

This makes it more straightforward to team up and share significant reports to anybody whenever. Presently you don’t have to try and utilize email when you have WhatsApp Messenger! You can even video talk with your loved ones to share significant subtleties of your life.

Simple point of interaction – WhatsApp Messenger’s point of interaction is insignificant and clean. This permits you to handily utilize the application regardless of whether it’s your most memorable chance to utilize texting applications! The perfect and simple point of interaction implies that you’ll handily realize who is it you’re conversing with and you can quickly add them to your contact list.

You could in fact involve WhatsApp Messenger in your PC/PC! Only login to your WhatsApp record to do as such! The subject of the application is in dim green and white which makes it simple so that the eyes could see. What’s more, the messages list is organized from the latest ones at the top. This permits you to rapidly see what you want to see. In conclusion, you can send stickers, gifs and emojis to your contacts!

Immediately interface – One more clever element of WhatsApp Messenger is that it rapidly associates you with your contacts! Your location book is utilized to rapidly and effectively add your contacts to your location book! You can undoubtedly see contacts with WhatsApp records to be added to your contact list! How advantageous is this? Presently you don’t need to physically add your contacts to your WhatsApp contact show individually!

Prons and Cons


  • Utilize the Transmission Records to send messages to numerous contacts immediately, which will enormously save your time while sending good tidings or mass greeting.
  • You can impart your area to any ideal contact.
  • Instant messages are not by any means the only help offered, yet additionally video and sound calls.
  • You never again need to utilize headphones when there’s a sound message approaching, in any event, when you’re in a public region. Essentially bring your Android cell phone near your ear as the message is played. Doing this will diminish the sound volume and you can pay attention to the message as though you’re on a call.
  • The start to finish encryption will get every one of your discussions, implying that no one has any admittance to it or even can peruse, including WhatsApp, beside you and the one you’re speaking with.
  • The shortfall of advertisements in this application will make it really comfort and trouble free while trading messages.
  • Every one of the administrations this application offers are free.
  • You can star any significant messages so you will not lose them. To find the featured messages, you can get to a different segment.
  • The most recent variant currently has Stories to supplant the old Status highlight. This one is like Snapchat and Instagram story.
  • It feels steady, quick, and light during the utilization.


  • Despite the fact that it presently has Stories include, it actually hasn’t made any face channels highlight accessible yet, in contrast to Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • It misses the mark on worked in virtual help, for example, Google Permit.
  • There’s a cutoff to the record size sent by means of this application; recordings can’t be bigger than 16MB and reports ought to be under 100MB.
  • It lessens picture quality.
  • To contact somebody, you really want to be aware and save their telephone number first.

How to Use & Tutorial

Step by step instructions to enact WhatsApp dark mode

To enact WA dim mode you can go to Settings > Visits > Subject. Pick “Dim” and afterward tap “Alright”.

Step by step instructions to actuate WhatsApp unique mark include

To actuate WA unique mark you can go to Settings > Record > Security > Finger impression lock and afterward empower Open with finger impression.

Instructions to settle on a decision utilizing WhatsApp

Open the talk with the contact you might want to call and tap the telephone button situated on top. To get a call, tap and afterward slide the green button showing up on the approaching call screen to respond to it, or slide the red button in the event that you might want to decline the call. To decline a call with a fast message, tap on a message symbol showing up on the call screen.

The most effective method to settle on a video decision in WhatsApp

If you have any desire to put a video call, the step is like while you’re settling on a voice decision. In any case, tap Video call all things being equal. What’s more, to get a video call, there’s an approaching video call screen as well. To acknowledge or decline the video call, the means are likewise like while you’re noting or dismissing a voice call.

Step by step instructions to reinforcement WhatsApp to find out about Drive

The application permits you to reinforcement WA information utilizing a nearby reinforcement as well as Google Drive. Nearby reinforcements are made naturally at 2AM consistently and saved as a document on the gadget. To reinforcement information on Google Drive, simply open the application, then, at that point, open “Menu” button. Go to “Settings” — “Visits” — “Talk reinforcement”.

Then, at that point, tap “Back Up” for a prompt reinforcement, as well as on “Back up to research Drive” choices to set up your reinforcement recurrence. Be certain you have a Google account. The choice “Back-up-finished” empowers you to set which organization used to back up.

The most effective method to change backdrop

It is likewise conceivable to Change backdrop. All things being equal, you can set various pictures per discussion. Tap on “Menu” button and go to “Settings” — “Talks” — “Backdrop”.

To hinder a contact previously saved money on your gadget, tap on “Menu” button and go to “Settings” — “Record” – ” Protection” — “Obstructed contacts”. Open the “add contact” symbol and pick which contact you might want to obstruct. In the event that the contact isn’t saved in your telephone, basically open your talk with that obscure contact and tap “Block”.

While the facts really confirm that WhatsApp is noticeably flawed, however it has offered such countless incredible advantages that made correspondence a lot simpler, less complex, and more helpful.

Final Words

WhatsApp Messenger is very Popular app in the world. In the above we was write different features. You can download this app on our website and enjoy it. We have a lot of app related this WhatsApp Messenger App. Please download it on our website and Give the comment on your comment box.

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