WhatsApp Plus Android v20.70.02 – Download Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp Plus Android v20.70.02
WhatsApp Plus Android v20.70.02

WhatsApp Plus Android v20.70.02 Info :

Application NameWhatsapp Plus APK
Developed byMirza Niaz
Latest Version20.70.02
File Size64.5 MB
File Namewhatsapp-plus.apk
Minimum Android RequiredAndroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Uploaded On10-June-2023
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What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is an important WhatsApp MOD application that brings all the important features that users love, making them have some much-desired features that users have been waiting for. Although there are many other apps on WhatsApp,but Whatsapp Plus App is very unique and highly recomended.

For one, it does not work as an add-on for the main WhatsApp platform, ensuring that users are not left without the special benefits they receive when updates arrive. Also, the standalone app retains many of the features and functionality of WhatsApp, enabling users to easily adapt to it.

Considering all these and more, it’s no wonder that WhatsApp Plus is the go-to for those who want to get the best out of their instant messaging game.

Features Overview Of WhatsApp Plus

Features of Whatsapp plus

  • Configuration
  • Next
  • Download sticker packs from GBPLUS
  • A sticker maker
  • Cleaner
  • Different GBPUS wallpapers
  • Autosponder feature found as WA Business
  • Get more articles
  • Configure the chat screen
  • Configure the chat screen
  • Configurable pop-up promotion
  • Customizable widgets
  • You can share your videos upto 50 MB size
  • High quality images to share
  • You can share audio up to 100MB in size
  • The original quality of the photo and location can be shared
  • You can share video posts for more than 30 seconds to 7 minutes
  • Block WhatsApp Plus
  • See records and services
  • Choose your font from a collection of different fonts
  • You can make a full backup and restore with any version of WA MOD

Bold-General Settings

  • Restart WhatsApp Plus
  • Private chat for privacy, disclosure, automatic download of ads
  • Information Coordinator
  • DND mode

Screen Shots :

What Makes WhatsApp Plus Special?

If WhatsApp Plus did just what WhatsApp Basic did, there would be no need to give it a second look. The good news, is that it includes many exciting new features for interested users. As a bonus, the developers of this standalone application ensure that they are always one step ahead of the official WhatsApp group. So here are some of the most important features of WhatsApp Plus:


The only type of change you can make in the main WhatsApp is to change the chat wallpaper, nothing else. You can’t explore the various configuration options available to you, change color profiles, and make other display adjustments.

This is where WhatsApp Plus comes in with a variety of beautiful themes, of which we currently have more than 700, to ensure you have a personalized chat experience. With a waiting library of amazing themes, the team of developers behind the app is adding even more all the time.


While WhatsApp already has a large number of emojis and emoticons to choose from, WhatsApp Plus takes it further by offering even more options to choose from.

If you are a fan of Google Hangouts and the awesome emojis that accompany it, you will love WhatsApp Plus even more as they include the same type of emojis to expand the rich library.


Perhaps the biggest win for WhatsApp Plus users is the privacy policy that comes with it.

Official apps allow you to hide your read receipts, which prevents the blue checkmark from appearing after you’ve read a message. It also prevents your contacts from knowing when you see their status update. However, There is down size of all this. By enabling these features, you will also lose the ability to see the blue check mark when your messages are read, or to know who saw your status updates.

Fortunately, WhatsApp Plus has no such restriction. This means you can keep your secret without sacrificing seeing it on the other side of the conversation. A winner, don’t you think? In addition to hiding the blue icon and showing notifications, WhatsApp Plus allows you to turn off the second icon so that contacts do not know when you have sent a message.

Even in groups or other chats, you can turn off the recording display when recording or make sure that contacts do not know when you open an audio file.

User Interface

Apart from the ability to use custom themes, WhatsApp Plus allows you to customize the chat portal in any way. From font style and size to its color, it’s almost a part of the user experience that you can’t change to your liking. After doing all these things, you can be sure that your chat screenshot will stand out from the crowd.

Contact List Requirements

WhatsApp officially requires you to go through the trouble of adding contacts to your contact list before you can send them a message. You don’t have to worry about everything with WhatsApp Plus.

As long as the contact you want to text has a WhatsApp account and it’s linked to the phone number you’re sending, you don’t need to save them.

Improved Multimedia Sharing

Many users have complained about the quality when sending files through the original WhatsApp platform. When these files are not very compressed, they may not be sent due to their size. With WhatsApp Plus, the required file size has been increased, allowing to share large files and long videos without compressing them or dividing them into several parts.

In addition, better image quality is guaranteed, as the work does not need to be processed before sending. Keep in mind that this can reduce the sending of files (but not much) in WhatsApp Plus, but you will be assured of the best quality and the best resolution when they are created.

Chat Pinning

Personally, not being able to post more than three (3) chats on WhatsApp is frustrating. For those who follow many groups of important employees they don’t want to leave, this can be a big challenge.

In this regard, WhatsApp Plus has done its best to make things better for users. By increasing the basket pin limit to 1000, you have all the pinning features you need here.

Other Important Features

Some other features included in WhatsApp Plus that give it great advantages over the official app include but are not limited to:

  • Allows one-click location distribution
  • Selecting and sending messages to multiple contacts is easy
  • Use Quick Response to manage messages when you’re not in the chat or answer question template.
  • Cancel multiple messages at one time
  • Easily able to record the text status of your contacts
  • Removed the \”Learn More\” tag from longer posts and more.

Installing WhatsApp Plus On Your Android Device

Below are the required steps and specific instructions to install and run WhatsApp Plus on your device. They are broken down as much as possible and you can do all the steps yourself.

Android devices are designed to, by default, allow app installation from the Google Play Store. Since you have not downloaded WhatsApp Plus from the official Play Store, this feature may prevent you from installing the app on your phone.

After downloading the application (you can use the download button provided above), proceed to install the application:

1- Go to your download and find the WhatsApp Plus APK file.

Before getting the install button, the Android system may show some warnings by default. Continue with your download and You can safely ignore this .

2- Tap on the APK file, which will open under the package installer

You will see a window telling you that you are installing an application from an unknown location, then click allow, then click ‘Next’, then click ‘Install’.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using WhatsApp Plus

There are a very high advantages to using WhatsApp Plus over the original WhatsApp, but there are also a high disadvantages that you should consider before deciding which messenger to use.


Customization: The main advantage of using MOD over the original app is that the user will get more customization options and other features related to user security.

Privacy: The user can use the message but remain invisible in the contact by reducing the connection time in the line mode or deleting the continuous message in text and audio messages.


Loss of end-to-end encryption: WhatsApp Plus does not provide end-to-end encryption as the encryption process is disabled as it is a modified version without permission from the official platform.

Ban: If you are wondering if WhatsApp can ban you from using WhatsApp Plus, the answer is yes, you can. WhatsApp blocks some or all MOD users from its servers from time to time, forcing them to switch to the service and sometimes blocking them from the service for a certain period of time.

Updates: As this is a change, updates will always follow the official app. So, in case of weak or big bug, the fix will always come to WhatsApp Plus.

Data usage: Using MOD allows access to our chats, files, photos, and other personal data for developers and servers that we don’t know much about (although we don’t know much about this) except in the Meta distribution ).

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum OS requirement: Android 4.4.
  • Installing apps from APK files requires you to enable the \”Unknown source” option in Settings > Apps.
  • This program is a modified version of the application, developed by a third party that has no connection with the owner or ursapk.com, who does not approve, approve or endorse the latter. Downloading, installing and using this program is the sole responsibility of the user, and ursapk.com is not responsible for any consequences or consequences that may occur on your device. Neither ursapk.com, nor the original developer of the modded app, nor any of its trademarks have any affiliation with this release.

Final words

For all that this app brings on board, it’s worth noting that it comes free. You don’t have to worry about in-app purchases because all the features are unlocked for the user. If you have been waiting to enjoy all the above features, now is the perfect time to download the WhatsApp Plus.

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